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Your friendly neighborhood dog trainer.


Service Dog Training 

Service dogs are an incredible asset to their disabled handler’s day to day lives. They allow these individuals to have the freedom and confidence to tackle every day things that regular people would view as mundane and minuscule. A service dog is a companion, a lifeline, and a valuable piece of medical equipment. 

Here at A Canine’s Way, we pride ourselves in holding every service dog in our program to the highest standards. We adhere to all state, local, and federal laws and ordinances regarding service dogs, and help educate our teams in all the ins and outs of service dog laws and etiquette. 

We offer psychiatric, PTSD, medical response, and mobility assistance dog training. All of our training is designed to fit each handler’s individual wants and needs, from basic and advanced obedience to public access work, and task training. 


Some Examples of Task Work Include:

  • Bracing

  • Forward Momentum Pull

  • Counter Balance

  • Medication Reminders

  • Item Retrievals

  • Deep Pressure Therapy

  • Behavior Interruption

  • Seizure Response

  • Hearing Alert

  • Assisting in Opening & Closing Doors and Cabinets

  • Pushing Handicap or Elevator Buttons

  • Getting Help During Medical Episodes


Private Lessons 

Be involved with your dog’s journey every step of the way. Our lesson programs are designed to fit your unique needs, they begin in the comfort of your own home, and as your dog advances in their training we will begin taking trips to pet friendly stores, restaurant patios, and parks. You will be working hands on with us from start to finish, and getting to experience training your pup on your own under the eye of your trainer. 


Included in Private Lesson Packages:

•Weekly homework with video support 

•Training gear

•Phone and email support

•A custom written training guide 

•A minimum of 6 months of group classes 


Board and Train 

Our unique board and train program is done in the comfort of our very own home environment. We do this to help alleviate the typical stressors of a facility or kennel environment. Your dog will be integrated into our pack, sleep under the same roof as your trainer, and be provided the upmost care while they stay with us. We provide around the clock training, care, and enrichment, and focus on creating a custom training plan tailored to fit your dog’s individual needs. On top of concierge in home pet care, your pup will also go on day trips to various pet friendly stores, restaurants, and parks. They will also participate in pack walks and pack socials with our personal pack and other dogs in our care. 


During our board and train program, you will get daily picture and video updates to follow along your pup’s training journey. Upon completion of the board and train program, your whole family will be involved in an extensive go home lesson, to ensure everyone’s success once training is done. 


Included in our Board & Train Program:

•Video and picture updates 

•Training gear

•A custom written training guide

•A minimum of three free follow up lessons 

•A minimum of 6 months of group classes 

•Phone and email support

•Grooming upkeep, as well as nail trimmings, and a bath and blow dry upon the completion of the board and train. 


Puppy Training 

Puppies bring joy into everyone’s lives, but they can also be a lot of hard work. Most puppy owners aren’t sure what to do or what not to do. Allow us to take the guess work out of puppy raising for you! Our puppy programs are designed to help your pup get a jump start on life. Potty training, proper socialization, home manners and more. Our programs are designed to fit your specific needs and goals for your new companion. 


We offer private lessons, virtual training, board and trains, and puppy raising. Contact us today to learn more about the various programs and decide what would be the best fit for your needs. Our puppy programs also include access to your trainer via phone or email for support, along with a a custom training guide that include puppy product, nutrition, & grooming recommendations. 


Commonly addressed things in puppy training:

•Potty training 

•Crate training 


•Grooming etiquete 

•Basic obedience 

•House manners

•Routine building 

•Puppy proofing 

•Proper nutrition 


Group Classes 

Distraction based group training. Our unique group training program is unlike your typical group class settings. Instead of utilizing group sessions to teach core skills, our group classes are specifically designed for dogs that have already mastered their core skills. We focus on implementing core and advanced obedience around a variety of distractions: people, dogs, bikes, deer, etc. Group classes are especially beneficial for dogs with reactivity or confidence issues, but even our more advanced clients can still benefit from group classes. We also work on off leash reliability, directional work, distance work, and more! 

Group classes typically these take place at public parks around San Antonio once a week, and are on a come as you please basis. 


Group classes are included in our board and train and private lesson packages, and can be added to our virtual training packages if you’re local to San Antonio as well! 


Not a client but interested in group classes? We can schedule an evaluation to see if your dog demonstrates the skills needed to join! 


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