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Frustrated With Your Dog? We specialize in helping you get your happiness back! 

San Antonio's BEST Dog Trainers

We Help San Antonio Dog Owners: 


Go Anywhere With Your Dog

Share your life with your dog in the ways that you always imagined! 


Stop Your Dog From Pulling on the Leash 

Imagine walks being easy, and everyone looking forward to walking the dog again! 


Be Proud of Your Dog 

You won't have to hide from your neighbors anymore!  

The Dog Behavior Problems We Help Our Clients With: 

Walking Dogs

My Dog Is Pulling Me Down The Street

And I'm worried that one of us will get hurt

dog bite arm.jpeg

My Dog Has a Bite History Or Almost

bit another person or dog and I’m afraid of what’s next

dog with bared teeth .jpeg

My Dog Is So Reactive

That my stress levels are off the charts 

small dog running.jpeg

My Dog Runs Off and Won’t Come Back

and I’m worried they’ll get hit by a car or worse 

boxer in hamper.jpeg

 My Dog Doesn't Have Any Manners 

and honestly it's just embarrassing.

scared puppy.jpeg

My Dog is Terrified of Life

and we can’t enjoy anything together

San Antonio dog with owner after dog training

We Believe You Deserve: 










Read about Oakley's Training Success! 

I literally cannot recommend A Canine's Way enough. Kat and Alissa are both wonderful, and working with them has been the best decision I've made for both myself and my dog.


I originally found A Canine's Way through another trainer because my service dog was having some issues post-quarantine. He stayed with them for a board and train this past summer. After just over a month, he came home a completely different dog (in the best way possible). He's still a bit of a work in progress, but I know with Kat and Alissa's help, we'll get there.


Again, I can't recommend them enough. If you're looking for a great balanced trainer, who will care about both you and your dog, be there to answer your questions (and I ask a LOT of questions), etc., then look no further--you've found exactly what you're looking for!

Sam (Owner) and Oakley (dog) 


Dog Training That Gets
You and Your Dog
the Results You've Been Looking For! 

Here at a Canine’s Way Dog Training, our mission is to help dog owners redefine their relationship with their dogs.

Through relationship based training, we’ll help you bond with your dog in ways you never have before.

I believe in communicating to dogs in ways that have meaning to them, and as a result of this new line of communication, pet owners are able to enjoy a whole new world with their dogs! 


Life with your dog shouldn’t just be confined to your home.

Our clients get to

  • enjoy hiking with their dogs

  • stroll through the farmer's market

  • travel across the state and country

  • dine out at restaurant patios and more.


We are specialists in behavioral rehabilitation, advanced obedience, off-leash training , puppy training, and service dog training. 

Interested in finding out more about how you can live your best life with your pup?


Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

3 Simple Steps To 
Get Your Dog Trained BY THE San Antonio Dog Training Experts

Fill out our contact form at the "Help Me Fix My Dog Button" so that we know best how to help you 

We will call you, or text if you prefer, and discuss how we can customize the best plan for your dog’s training, and help you get the results you are looking for

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We Believe You Deserve...


A stress free life with your dog

A better relationship with your dog

Clear communication with your dog

A dog that you can take everywhere and anywhere

A training plan custom catered to your dog that works

Why You Can Trust Us (Read our Founder's Story):

We have helped hundreds of dogs of various ages, breeds and issue severity gain confidence and a happier life for their people and themselves. 

Our founder, Katarina Morales, has an extensive background training hundreds of dogs to have better behaviors.

Kat's unique background in dog training began after a tragic car accident (not her fault, and she was a passenger!) that caused a seizure disorder.

This accident caused her to have to drop out of college, and then to find a service dog that could help her navigate the world safely.

This is the beginning of a career that has gone on to help HUNDREDS of people with their dogs. 

Kat has been seizure free now since April of 2021, and she credits this to her service dog and the calming effect that dog training has had in her life. 

Katarina Morales, founder of A Canine's Way Dog Training, training a client and his GoldenDoodle dog.



We Help You and Your Dog

WE do the dirty work for you!

We take the time consuming, foundation building work of dog training, and do most of it for you. 

This does NOT mean that you don’t participate.

In fact, in order to get the BEST results, we also teach you how to maintain your dog’s training.

Educating owners on how to better live life with their dogs is a huge passion of ours.

We believe that the best results happen when you as the owner recieve training alongside your dog!

Read about Diesel's Training Success! 

"Katarina's compassion in her work is very genuine . She has a big heart and is dedicated in making a difference for both pawrents and pups.


My experience with both private lessons and boarding with A Canine’s Way Dog Training is the best decision we’ve made. It is a learning experience for all of us to understand the different needs for each fur baby. She has treated my fur babies as if they were hers.


When my goldendoodle was boarding with Kat. She maintained the house setting which made me feel comfortable and at ease. I can’t say enough of how “VERY SATISFIED” we are!"


Ana (human) & Diesel (dog)

Some Of The Ways You Can Train With Us:

Board and Train:

Let us do the heavy lifting for you! This program is best for dogs with behavioral issues with people and dogs, dogs that need extensive socialization, and for pet owners that have busy schedules!


Our unique board and train program is done in the comfort of our very own home on our two acre property. Your dog will be integrated into our pack and be provided the upmost care while they stay with us.

We provide around the clock training, care, and enrichment, and focus on creating a custom training plan tailored to fit your dog’s individual needs. 


On top of concierge in home pet care, your pup will also go on day trips to various pet friendly stores, restaurants, and parks. They will also participate in pack walks and pack socials with our personal pack and other dogs in our care. 


During our board and train program, you will get picture and video updates to follow along your pup’s training journey. Upon completion of the board and train program, your whole family will be involved in an extensive go home lesson, to ensure everyone’s success once training is done.


After your initial Board and Train Program is done, you then have access to the following client exclusive perks and programs:

  • Our private client support Facebook group

  • Group Classes

  • Client only Day Train programs 

  • Boarding in our home


Private Lessons:

Be involved with your dog’s journey every step of the way. Our lesson programs are designed to fit your unique needs, as we will not only help train your dog, but train you as well!


This training program is perfect for the pet owner that wants to learn alongside their dog, and perfect for dogs that have minor behavioral issues and need to spruce up their obedience.


Our private training lessons begin either in the comfort of your own home, or at our home. As your dog advances in their training, we will begin taking trips to pet friendly stores, restaurant patios, and parks.


You will be working hands on with a trainer from start to finish, and getting to experience training your pup on your own under the eye of your trainer. 


After your initial Private Lesson Program is done, you then have access to the following client exclusive perks and programs:

  • Our private client support Facebook group

  • Group Classes

  • Client only Day Train programs 

  • Boarding in our home

Day Training:

Daycare, but with training! Your dog spends the day with our trainers but your dog comes home at the end of the day. Perfect for dogs that need a little extra, but might not need a full Board and Train Program.


We teach your dog all its foundational skills and meet for weekly private lessons to ensure that your pup's training is transferring into the home. Our trainers will focus on foundational obedience skills, socialization, and minor behavioral problems within this program.


After your initial Day Train Program is done, you then have access to the following client exclusive perks and programs:

  • Our private client support Facebook group

  • Group Classes

  • Client only Day Train programs 

  • Boarding in our home

Ways To Train With Us
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